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Programs, Fees & Policies


Swimming of horses has been discontinued until further notice.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Owners/Trainers trailer or ride their horse to the Swim Center. Instruction is given for owners to swim their own horse if desired, and guidance is provided in developing a swimming program to achieve the optimal results.

Single swimming session.......$20.00
10 swims advance purchase....$175.00

Swimming Programs

Start-up Program - $45.00/day (3-14 days)
An intensive, in-house swimming program that introduces the swimming process and prepares the horse to move into a ship-in schedule or an in-house program. The start-up program is recommended for all first time swimmers or where the trainer/owners time does not allow a consistent swim schedule in the early stages of the program. The start-up program is also used to teach the horse water confidence or provide a basic swimming experience for future application. Program includes full board and care with daily swimming.

Conditioning Program - $20.00 per day board, $20 each swimming session
These programs are used to reach or maintain a high level of fitness by swimming the horse on a schedule that builds the heart, lungs, muscle tone and stamina. Horses that are coming off injury or lay-up or that have persistent leg or feet problems are excellent candidates for these swimming programs. Programs include full board and care with  swimming daily or as required. Track or ground workouts can be incorporated at additional cost.

Maintenance Program - $20.00 per day board, $20.00 each swim session
Swimming is applied to maintain a horse at a desired level of fitness based on the owners requirements or physical considerations of the horse. Maintenance programs are less intense than conditioning programs and are applicable to lay-ups, controlled activity or where daily swimming is not indicated. Programs include full board and care with swimming as required. Track or ground workouts can be incorporated at additional cost.

Therapy/Rehabilitation - $20.00 per day board, $20.00 each swim session
Designed for the recovering horse that needs professional care and attention, swimming is applied to facilitate healing or to provide an alternative from traditional methods of exercise that could be detrimental to recovery. Basic program includes full board and care and swimming to a defined schedule. Additional swimming, specialized treatments or activities can be included at additional cost. 

Hours of Operation:
The pool is open March through November for horse swimming. Closed during the winter months for horse swimming only.

8 am to 1 pm Monday through Friday.
8 am to 11 am Saturday
Closed for horses Sunday

Contact information and directions to our facilities.

Boarding Programs

Basic Stall Rental
Basic stall rental is designed for the owner or trainer who perform their own care and maintenance and is on the premises daily to attend to their animals. Boarder must supply their own stall gates, stall supplies, bedding and cleaning equipment. There is a $10.00 deposit per stall that is refunded upon departure with the stall stripped and clean. Swimming is available at reduced cost.

Basic rental per day.....................$6.00
Basic rental per month (min. 2 months).$150.00
Full Board
Full board is designed for the owner with a full schedule to provide professional care that relieves the owner of the regular maintenance functions. Full board includes stall, bedding, stall cleaning, hay (4 flakes/day), grain (up to 10 Ib./day) and turnout if required. Additional grain, hay, swimming or other activities are available at additional cost.
Full board per day (7 days or less).....$25.00
Full board per day (over 7 days)........$20.00
Full board per month (min. 2 months)...$500.00

Contact information and directions to our facilities.


Swim session consists of up to 2 entries into pool for up to a combined total of 30 laps. Additional entries or laps may be taken for an additional one half the session fee.

To receive discounted swim rate, sessions must be paid for in advance. Swim sessions held on account will be charged for at the single swim rate. Swim sessions may be used by any horse the purchaser allows. Unused swim sessions may be transferred to another owner or trainer upon notification by the original purchaser to NVASC of the intended receiver.

Refunds of the balance of unused swimming sessions will be made if requested within 90 days after last swim. Amount refunded will be the amount originally paid minus the number of used sessions calculated at the single swim session rate.

NVASC assumes no responsibility for the health, soundness, or condition of the horse to participate in swimming, conditioning, therapy, rehabilitation or training activities at NVASC. NVASC reserves the right to refuse access and the use of the facilities to any individual or animal species that NVASC feels may endanger or threaten the safety of themselves, other animals or other individuals.

Horses generally swim on a first come, first served basis. NVASC may, at its discretion, rearrange swimming priorities to accommodate the various fluctuations in numbers of swimmers, level of proficiency, number of animals in the pool or pool area at one time and the length of time animals are swimming.

Handlers must not enter their horse into the pool without NVASC staff being present or have been acknowledged by NVASC staff and approved to swim. First time swimmers must be swum by NVASC staff or by the handler only when NVASC staff are present.


Contact information and directions to our facilities.

Prices effective January 1, 2010 and subject to change without notice.

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