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Programs, Fees & Policies

Instruction is given for owners to swim their own dog if desired, and guidance is provided in developing a swimming program to achieve the optimal results.
Initial training session by NVASC staff..$40.00
Initial training each additional dog.....$10.00
Single session by owner........$30.00
5 swim sesions* .......$140.00
10 swim sessions* .....$250.00
(*advance purchase required)
Each additional dog............$5.00
4 or more dogs.................Inquire

Hours of Operation:
The pool is open year round for dog swimming.

 10 am to 8.00 pm Tuesday - Friday (closed Mondays)
10 am to 6 pm Saturday
 10 am to 6 pm Sunday

Appointments are required and are typically made on the hour and half hour. Other times may be arranged as scheduling permits and as arranged with NVASC staff.

Contact information and directions to our facilities.

Each session may last up to 30 minutes for up to 3 dogs (extra charges, per dog, apply). Rinsing, shampooing (if desired) and drying of the dog(s) must be performed in the shower area to provide access for others to use the facility. Additional time may be taken only if the appointment schedule allows for an additional session charge.

For groups of 5 or more dogs, kennels or clubs should inquire about prices or pool rental to meet their requirements.

To receive discounted swim rate, sessions must be paid for in advance. Swim sessions held on account will be charged at the single swim rate. Refunds of the balance of unused swimming sessions will be made if requested within 90 days after the last swim. Amount refunded will be the amount originally paid minus the number of used sessions calculated at the single swim session rate. Unused swims may be transferred to other owners upon notification to NVASC of the intended receiver.

NVASC assumes no responsibility for the health, soundness, or condition of the dog to participate in swimming conditioning, therapy, rehabilitation or training activities at NVASC. NVASC reserves the right to refuse access and the use of the facilities to any individual or animal species that NVASC feels may endanger or threaten the safety of themselves, other animals or other individuals.


Contact information and directions to our facilities.

Prices effective January 1, 2001 and subject to change without notice.

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